Department of Education

Wonyong Park

Doctoral Student/Research Assistant

College Affiliation: St Antony's College

Wonyong is a DPhil student in science education and focuses on using the ideas of history and philosophy of science to improve secondary science (physics) teaching.

A native of South Korea, he received BSc, MSc degrees in physics education and a teaching certificate from Seoul National University. He has taught in secondary schools in Seoul and SNU Extension College as a part-time instructor. His research has been published in Science & Education and an edited volume by Routledge, and was presented at key venues such as ESERA, NARST, EASE and ISEC conferences.

While in South Korea, Wonyong was involved in a research project on the educational impact of social changes towards hyper-connected and low-fertility society, which was funded by National Research Foundation of Korea. In Oxford, he works as Research Assistant for the multidisciplinary 3-year project OARS (Oxford Argumentation in Religion and Science Education) funded by Templeton World Charity Foundation. Wonyong’s doctoral study is generously supported by Oxford Department of Education and Ilju Academy & Cultural Foundation.

  • Park, W., & Song, J. (2018). Goethe’s conception of ‘experiment as mediator’ and implications for practical work in school science. Science & Education, 27(1–2), 39–61.
  • Park, W., & Song, J. (in press). Between realism and constructivism: A sketch of pluralism for science education. In E. Herring, K. Jones, K. Kiprijanov, L. Sellers (Eds.), The past, present and future of integrated history and philosophy of science (pp. x–x). London: Routledge.


  • Book chapters

    • PARK, W, Song, J (2019) “Between realism and constructivism: A sketch of pluralism for science education”, In: E Herring, K Jones, KS Kiprijanov, LM Sellers (eds.) The past, present, and future of integrated history and philosophy of science. History and Philosophy of Technoscience. 228-247

    • Yang, S, PARK, W, Song, J “Representations of nature of science in new Korean science textbooks: The case of ‘scientific inquiry and experimentation’”, In: TW Teo, AL Tan, YS Ong (eds.) Science education in the 21st century: Re-searching issues that matters from different lenses.

  • Journal articles

    • PARK, W, Song, J, Yang, S (2020) “Eliciting students’ understanding of nature of science with text-based tasks: insights from new Korean high school textbooks”, International Journal of Science Education. 42(3) 426-450.

    • JEONG, S, SONG, J, PARK, W (2019) “Analysis of student questions in MOOC physics lectures: The case of the Khan Academy”, New Physics: Sae Mulli. 69(5) 484-496.

    • ERDURAN, S, GUILFOYLE, L, PARK, W, CHAN, W-S, FANCOURT, N (2019) “Argumentation and interdisciplinarity: Reflections from the Oxford Argumentation in Religion and Science Project”, Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Education Research.

    • PARK, W, Yang, S, Song, J (2019) “When modern physics meets nature of science: The representation of nature of science in general relativity in new Korean physics textbooks”, Science & Education. 28(9-10) 1055-1083.

    • Park, W, Song, J (2018) “Goethe’s conception of “experiment as mediator” and implications for practical work in school science”, Science & Education. 27(1-2) 39-61.

    • PARK, W “Beyond the ‘two cultures’ in the teaching of disaster: or how disaster education and science education could benefit each other”, Educational Philosophy and Theory.

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