Candidates must apply through the UCAS Teacher Training website. The completed UCAS application is then reviewed by the relevant curriculum tutor. If shortlisted you will be invited to attend a PGCE interview.

Selected applicants will normally be interviewed in person by a relevant curriculum tutor from within the university and a mentor from one of our partnership schools. Candidates who are invited to interview are encouraged to spend at least one day of observation in a non-selective, state funded UK secondary school prior to the interview. If, however, you cannot complete this observation then you are still encouraged to attend the interview. At interview you will be asked to complete a subject specific written task. Afterwards you will participate in a group task alongside other applicants in your PGCE subject. Finally you will have an individual interview with a university tutor and a school mentor.

Skype interviews are strictly at the assessing curriculum tutor’s discretion. All interns must complete an interview as part of their PGCE application.