QM support for staff

The QM Hub is a forum to support all Department of Education staff in developing their QM expertise, whatever their initial level of engagement or facility.

A particular focus for 2013/14 is to increase awareness among staff of the potential of Secondary Data Analysis (SDA) as a research resource. SDA offers the potential for high quality research and publications without the need for large research grants or research teams necessary for collecting primary data. SDA was the focus for Steve Strand’s input to the Research Awayday in Michelmas term 2013. For a list of colleagues with experience in using some of the main secondary datasets please contact Steve.

A core reference if you are considering SDA is:

  • Smith, E. (2008). Using secondary data in educational and social research. Maidenhead: OU Press. Appendix 1 of the book has numerous links and summaries of sources of secondary data and it can be accessed here by staff with authorised access.