Beyond the classroom: researching second language learning in out-of-class contexts

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BAAL/Routledge Applied Linguistics Workshop Programme 2015
Department of Education, University of Oxford
Friday 18th September 2015

Plenary speakers

  • Professor Rosamond Mitchell University of Southampton
  • Professor Agnes Kukulska-Hulme The Open University
  • Dr Jessica Briggs University of Oxford


How second languages are learned is changing. The dramatic growth in recent years of education abroad coupled with rising global migration has led to greater numbers of people learning a L2 in the target language community than ever before. A significant proportion of these learners’ L2 contact occurs outside of formal language learning settings: in informal (i.e. out-of-class) contexts. Huge numbers of language learners are choosing to engage with the L2 online, often beyond contact which is facilitated by institutional curricula. As such, the move towards online learning also signifies a shift from more formal to less formal contact with the L2. Therefore, in order for SLA research to reflect the changing landscape of second language learning, theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches appropriate to out-of-class contexts of learning are required, and their implications considered.

This workshop aims to benefit anyone embarking on research related to second language learning in out-of-class contexts. The workshop is designed to foster focused discussion of the approaches to and implications of researching L2 learning that occurs in non-classroom/laboratory settings.

There are a small number of attendance places remaining. We would like to invite postgraduate students, early career and established academics working on out-of- class language learning to join us. Thanks to generous support from BAAL and Routledge this event is free and lunch and refreshments will be provided. To reserve your place, please contact

For full details click here to download the programme for the day.