New technologies and English as a second language

The over-arching objective of this project is to rigorously examine whether technology enhances language learning.

The first phase of the project is a systematic review of research into technology-based English language teaching. On the basis of the review findings one or possibly two research projects will be formulated.

Researchers: Prof Ernesto Macaro, Dr Catherine Walter, Dr Zöe Handley.


  • Macaro, E., Handley, Z., and Walter, C. (Accepted). A systematic review of technology in English as a second language: Focus on primary and secondary education. Language Teaching.

Conference presentations:

  • Handley, Z. (2011). Computer-Mediated Communication in Secondary Business English: A Systematic Review. BESIG Summer Symposium on Teaching Business English with Digital Technologies, Preston, Lancashire.
  • Handley, Z and Walter, C (2010). Do New Technologies Facilitate the Acquisition of Reading Skills? A Systematic Review of the Research Evidence. BAAL Annual Conference 2010, 9th – 11th September, Aberdeen, UK.
  • Handley, Z (2010). A Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of new Technologies in English as a Foreign Language. CALL 2010, 18th – 20th August, Antwerp, Belgium.

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