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Born into care: towards inclusive guidelines when the state intervenes at birth

This research project is a partnership between Lancaster University and the Rees Centre for the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory. It will devise and test an evidence informed guideline designed to inform practice when the State intervenes to protect infants at birth, through care proceedings. There are increasing national and international concerns about the volume of new-borns in care proceedings and safe, effective and ethical practice.

The project will take a participatory approach and bring together parents and wider family members as well as policy and practice stakeholders, to ensure the development of the new FJO guidelines follows an inclusive process. The new guidelines need to be closely attuned to the realities of everyday practice as well as child and family needs and experience. The project is being carried out as the first public law Special Interest Project for the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory

The project is led by Professor Karen Broadcast at Lancaster.

From the Rees Centre, Ellie Ott is leading a new literature review focussing on perinatal loss. Harriet Ward is leading the review of current guidance for removal at birth.

Further details on this project (University of Lancaster website)

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