Our classic publications include:

Bryant, P. & Bradley, L. (1985) Children’s reading problems Oxford: Blackwell.
Nunes, T. & Bryant, P. (1996) Children doing mathematics Oxford: Blackwell.
Nunes, T. & Bryant, P. (2006) Improving literacy through teaching morphemes London: Routledge.
Nunes, T., Schliemann, A. D. & Carraher, D. W. (1993) Street mathematics and school mathematics New York: Cambridge University Press.

Research reports on-line

Nunes, T., Bryant, P., & Watson, A. (2009) Key understandings in mathematics learning.
Nunes, T., Bryant, P., Sylva, K. & Barros, R. (2009) Development of maths capabilities and confidence in primary school London: Department for Children, Schools and Families.

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