Emma Abotsi

Year of starting doctorate: 2012

College: Worcester College

Project description

Migration and Education in the Ghanaian Diaspora in the UK
I am researching the child rearing practices of Ghanaian parents in the UK, with particular interest on their transnational educational strategies. My project examines why some Ghanaian parents in the British-Ghanaian communities are sending their children to study in Ghana for a few years at a time. I am studying this process and the ways in which it shapes intergenerational relations among Ghanaian parents and their British-born children. I aim to examine the following questions: could this practice be a way in which Ghanaian parents mobilize a range of resources to bond with their children as well as ensuring their educational success? How does this practice help to relieve some of the parents’ anxieties regarding their children growing up in the UK? Also, what are the lived experiences of the young people who are relocated to Ghana for this educational experience?

My project lies within several disciplinary areas: Education, Anthropology, African Studies and Migration Studies. Using my academic background in social anthropology, my research will employ ethnographic methods and will engage with anthropological studies on kinship, education and migration.

Current Research stage: Probationary Research Student
Email: emma.abotsi@worc.ox.ac.uk