Hoonhui Cho

Year of starting doctorate: 2012-2013

College: Kellogg

Project description:

The purpose of this thesis is to explore particular patterns of governing practices of HE in South Korea, with reference to a part-time university lecturer policy case. Research draws on state-centred as well as interpretive approaches as theoretical frameworks. Within these frames, the state is defined as a set of cultural practices. It examines to what extent and in what ways the centrality of Korean state in the HE governance has been undermined. In so doing, peculiar state-university relations in the Korean state will be illuminated as a specific character of the configuration. By using Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) as a methodology, this enquiry assesses the ways in which the different governing pillars of HE – i.e. state interventionism, academic professionalism, and academic capitalism – are formed, contested and compromised in the policy space. Trans-disciplinary topics such as ‘Confucianism’, ‘state transformation’ and ‘globalisation and its impacts’ are incorporated in this interpretive analysis, regarded as having close inter-relations to each other.

Current Research Stage: Probationary Research Student

Email: hoonhui.cho@education.ox.ac.uk