Professor Amy Stambach

Amy Stambach was Professor of Education and a Fellow of St Edmund Hall.

Before coming to Oxford, she held positions as Faculty Director of Global Studies and as Associate Dean of International Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

An anthropologist by training, she has served as Principal Investigator on projects funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the Spencer Foundation, the Social Science Research Council, and the United States Institute of Peace.

Amy Stambach is a co-editor of the Comparative Education Reviewand serves on the editorial board of a number of journals including theBritish Journal of Sociology of Education (BJSE).

Amy Stambach’s research and teaching interests focus on theoretical and methodological issues in comparative and international education, theories of social and educational change, and the anthropological study of education.  She especially welcomes new students wishing to work in these areas.


Amy Stambach’s research examines the social value and purposes of education. Interests include the global and comparative dynamics of education; education in East Africa; community efforts to control education in an era of liberalization; education policy shifts as they reflect new forms of global governance and international relations; and the intersections of religion, education, and secularism. To conduct her research, Amy Stambach employs ethnographic field methods, which enable her to analyze the particular cultural ideations that people mobilize to realize their visions of education. This anthropological approach builds on and complements political-economic and sociological orientations by considering how education policies and programs are culturally operationalized in various settings.

Topically, Amy Stambach’s research has focused on community schools in Tanzania, charter schools in the United States, American evangelical religious groups’ educational programming in East Africa and, most recently, Confucius Institutes in the United States and parts of Africa. She is author of Lessons from Mount Kilimanjaro: Schooling, Community, and Gender in East Africa and Faith in Schools: Religion, Education, and American Evangelicals in East Africa. She has guest edited a special section on religion and education for Social Analysis: The International Journal of Cultural and Social Practice, and she has contributed to the 2010 United Nations Institute of Statistics (UNIS) Global Education Forum, led by Nelly Stromquist. With Mark Ginsburg, Emily Hannum, and Aaron Benavot, she serves as co-editor of theComparative Education Review, under the chief editorship of David Post.



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