Soufia Siddiqi

Year of starting doctorate: 2012-2013

College: St. Anne’s

Description of Project:

This study is set against the influence Pakistan’s turbulent socio-political history has had on education, with particular aims outlined for identity and citizenship. The research argues that while policies, curriculum and textbooks have gained significant attention by researchers interested in Pakistani citizenship, limited studies explore Pakistani education as a construction of human actors and their thoughts and behaviours on identity and belonging. Nested in this is the study’s exploration of student identity and citizenship as a fluid concept, one that ebbs and flows with real-life situations students experience over time. It contrasts this with the relatively stagnant and rigid notions of identity and citizenship currently embedded in the country’s educational policies (Ahmad, 2004; Saigol, 2005). Using an ethnographic approach, the study seeks to engage with and understand high school student perspectives on whether, and how, their schools are sites for continuous negotiation of what it means to be living and growing as a young Pakistani today.

Current Research Stage: Probationary Research Student