Philosophy, Religion and Education

The Philosophy, Religion and Education Research Forum aims to nurture an environment where philosophical thinking can combine fruitfully with expertise in empirical research and with professional experience in different areas of education, including teacher education.

The Forum draws on diverse methodological and theoretical approaches to develop cross-disciplinary research and scholarship in philosophy of education, religion and religious education, philosophy of research, and research policy and governance.

The Forum combines two main strands of work: one, led by Dr Oancea, which explores the contributions of philosophy to research, practice and policy; and the other, led by Dr Gearon, which recognises the importance of religion as an institutional policy actor with increasing significance in the global policy arena.

The Forum’s activity is enhanced by collaborations with the Culham Institute and the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (Oxford Branch).

The Forum is convened by Dr Liam GearonDr Alis Oancea and Dr Nigel Fancourt

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Philososphy, Religion and Education Research Forum