Our research

The Forum draws on diverse methodological and theoretical approaches to develop cross-disciplinary research and scholarship in philosophy of education, religion and religious education, philosophy of research, and research policy and governance.

The Forum’s interdisciplinary interests in religion and education in social and political contexts include empirical, methodological and theoretical work in citizenship and religion in education; political theology; historical and literary approaches to the study of religion in education.

The Forum fosters philosophical enquiry into the nature, aims and values of education and the philosophical underpinnings of education research. Particular interests comprise knowledge, ethics and professional practice; accountability and quality; citizenship; and philosophical analysis of social and political aspects of education policy. Interests in philosophy of research include the philosophical underpinnings of different kinds of research, including applied and practice-based research; ethical dimensions of research; governance and disciplinarity.

Research areas

  • Philosophy of education
  • Philosophy of research
  • Political theologies and education, interdisciplinary studies in politics, literature and education
  • Religious education
  • Research policy and governance, including research assessment
  • Discourses and practices of knowledge mobilisation and exchange

Recent funded research

  • Writers and their Dictators: Authors, Citizens, Educators. Leverhulme Research Fellowship, 2010- 2013 (Dr Liam Gearon)
  • Political Theologies: Responses of Religious Leaders and Authority Figures in England to Contemporary Issues of Freedom of Expression. Arts and Humanities Research Council, 2010 – 2012 (Dr Liam Gearon)
  • Assessing and Demonstrating the Impacts of Research across the Range of Disciplines (HEIF) 2010-2011 (Dr Alis Oancea)
  • The Impacts of the Research Assessment Exercise 2008 on Education Departments in all Countries of the UK. UCET/BERA, 2009-2010 (Dr Alis Oancea)
  • The teaching of Christianity at KS 2&3. Trust funded, 2011 – 2013 (Dr Liam Gearon, Dr Nigel Fancourt and Rev Dr John Gay). Download the project’s Strategic Overview.
  • The impact of ongoing policy changes on the future of education research in the UK. UCET, 2011 (Dr Alis Oancea)

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