We engage with multi-disciplinary research with institutions in the UK and abroad.

We regularly give advice to national and local policy-makers:

  • Edward Melhuish Advisor To The European Commission
  • Kathy Sylva Briefing for Minister for Children, Sam Gymiah, 2014; 2015
  • Kathy Sylva Briefing at No10, 2016
  • Kathy Sylva Specialist Adviser to House of Lords Select Committee on ‘Affordable childcare’ July 2014 – Feb 2015
  • Kathy Sylva Member of Expert Advisory Panel to the Government Review of the Early Years Foundation Stage, 2010 (Tickell Review)
  • Kathy Sylva Specialist Advisor to Parliamentary Select Committee on Children, Schools and Families, 2000-2009
  • Kathy Sylva Briefing at No. 11 Downing Street for the Chancellor on combating disadvantage, 2009
  • Pam Sammons, on the Government Science Office Review of DCSF, 2010
  • Kathy Sylva, on the Early Years Foundation Stage Review, 2010
  • Kathy Sylva, Specialist Advisor to Select Committee, 2004-2009
  • Kathy Sylva, academic reference group on standards for Early Years Teacher and Early Years Worker qualifications, 2013