Knowledge Exchange

Oxfordshire Early Years Partnership Board
Knowledge Exchange Activity in FELL: 2015-2017

Sandra Mathers and Kathy Sylva are inaugural members of the Oxfordshire Early Years Partnership Board in 2015.

Replacing the work of the county’s advisory team will be a new network of ‘Leaders of Early Learning’.  The Leaders will be selected from Outstanding or Good settings and will receive training in strategies for supporting weaker settings across the county.  They will visit, support, mentor and work-alongside staff in the settings for which they are responsible.  The Partnership Board will provide training and support  for the ‘Leaders’.

Sandra and Kathy have received a grant of approximately £50,000 to evaluate the effects of the “Leaders of early learning” programme in raising the quality of practice across the county.  To explore change (improvement) in practice, they will use a combination of objective observations of practice pre and post leader support, interviews, self audit and practitioner journals.  The University will collaborate with A plus Education in carrying out the assessments of practice.  Helen Mirelman has joined FELL as research assistant on the Oxford Early Years Partnership team.