FELL maintains a large set of research instruments. These include tests of child cognitive and linguistic functioning, assessments of children’s social emotional development, and measures of parenting and family functioning.

We also implement a range of rating scales in our research, including those assessing quality of early childcare provision and those assessing classroom practices. One of our own published scales is used to assess the curricular quality of early childhood settings:

Sylva, K., Siraj-Blatchford, I., & Taggart, B. (2010). ECERS-E The Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale Curricular Extension to ECERS-R. Stoke on Trent: Trentham Books.


We offer training on the use of child assessment instruments as well as on administering instruments assessing the quality of early education and care.

Students and staff are welcome to browse our research instruments and seek further advice and information on training.

Please contact Fiona Jelley for further information

Page last modified: February 6, 2014