Completed projects

What does it mean to be a Newer Researcher Investigating Higher Education?

This collaboration with Deem (Royal Holloway) and Ashwin (Lancaster) explores how newer researchers in higher education (NRHE) view the role of policy in academic work, particularly their perceptions of their needs, identities and relationships as regards the ways in which they are aware of and experience the policy context as constraining, facilitating, enabling or neutral. Interviews with a international group of over 40 who self-defined as NRHE made evident how little these individuals know about HE policy or how it impacts their academic work and future careers.

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Degrees of success: the transition between VET and HE

Increased participation in post-compulsory education is regarded by politicians as an important contribution to equal educational opportunities. More..

Reviewing Diploma development: an evaluation of the design of the Diploma qualifications

The DCSF had responsibility for the 14-19 reform programme in which development of Diplomas sat. More..


This was a cross European study involving a collaboration between our research group and SKOPE, LIHRE, the GRET research group and the Institut für Höhere Studien. More..

National Qualification Frameworks: an international comparison

National Qualification Frameworks are a growing part of the international agenda on skills and labour market reform. More..

Reforming FE in England: the impact of change on colleges and lecturers

This research aimed to investigate how the wide-ranging reforms in the FE (Further Education) sector influenced the work of colleges and teaching personnel. More..

Missed opportunities? Factors influencing the non-placement of applicants to higher education

The proportion of UK-domiciled applicants to higher education (HE) who were non-placed applicants (NPAs) had remained relatively stable over previous years at around 19%. More..

Designing the Diploma evaluation

This project involved designing the evaluation for the Diploma programme. More..

The student learning experience in higher education

The changing nature of higher education (HE), which entailed a constantly changing composition of students learning in HE, was the most important starting point for this Review. More..

Modelling a vocational learning system for the 21st Century

This project, guided by policy design theory, involved a systematic analysis of aggregate quantitative data to evaluate the system performance of the UK vocational education and training (VET) system, an analysis of current VET policy and a literature review of the outcomes of vocational learning. More..

Nuffield Review Higher Education focus groups

This research was undertaken by members of the Nuffield 14-19 Review, and UCAS Outreach department staff. More..

International comparisons in Further Education

This research consisted of comparative analysis between selected issues of Further Education (FE) in England and FE or Initial Vocational Education and Training (IVET) in Finland, Ireland, Sweden and Australia (focussing on New South Wales). More..