Nuffield Review Higher Education focus groups

This research was undertaken by members of the Nuffield 14-19 Review, and UCAS Outreach department staff.

Its purpose was to investigate, through a series of focus groups with some 250 academic and admissions staff at 21 HEIs in England and Wales, the outcomes that higher education lecturers and admissions staff seek from the 14-19 education and training system in terms of the types of knowledge, skills, attitudes and dispositions they would ideally like to see being developed in new students. The preliminary research report is available here.

Associated publications include:

  • Stephanie Wilde and Susannah Wright (2007) ‘On the same wavelength but tuned to different frequencies?: Perceptions of academic and admissions staff in England and Wales on the articulation between 14-19 education and training and higher education.’ London Review of Education, 5 (3), 299-312.
  • Nuffield Review of 14-19 Education and Training Annual Report 05-06, Chapter 4 (pp. 143-183)
  • ‘Articulation between 14-19 education and training and higher education: Clear pathway or obstacle course?’ Full report available here.
  • Rathbone/Nuffield Review Engaging Youth Enquiry Consultation Report October 15 2008. Available here