Reforming FE in England

This research aimed to investigate how the wide-ranging reforms in the FE (Further Education) sector influenced the work of Colleges and teaching personnel.

From an institutional perspective, it examined how far the administrative and leadership structures of Colleges prepared to embrace changes and how far these structures resulted in a reactive or proactive stance regarding educational innovation. From a personnel perspective, the lecturers’ attitudes towards change were investigated. Their perceptions of current reforms were examined as well as the connection between reforms and their translation into educational innovation.

The ultimate aim of the research was to develop a better understanding of the implementation of reform processes in FE and to suggest ways in which innovative processes at Colleges could be initiated.

An exploratory project funded by the ESRC Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance (SKOPE), it was conducted by Hubert Ertl and Professor H. Hugo Kremer, University of Paderborn.