Studying with us

MSc Education (Higher Education)

Members of the Higher Education and Professional Learning Research Group run the one-year MSc Education (Higher Education), attended by 10 to 14 students every year. This Masters course provides a broad introduction into the complex field of theories and practice in higher education globally.

It is aimed at future leaders in the field – academics, managers, policy-makers and researchers. The course provides a strong foundation for

  • teaching and learning in a wide variety of higher educational contexts
  • developing higher education curricula and learning programmes to meet a range of local and international needs
  • using research to analyse and evaluate current structures and future reforms of higher education in different international contexts
  • conducting doctoral, post-doctoral and professional research

For further information on the Masters programme at the Department of Education and on how to apply click here.

DPhil Studies

The research group has a thriving body of research students who meet several times each term to discuss their ideas and present their developing research. The Higher Education and Professional Learning Research Group offers supervision for students from a wide range of countries, backgrounds and experience. Members of the research group provide individual supervision to support students in developing research skills and in-depth knowledge in the area of higher education and professional learning. For further information on the doctoral programme at the Department of Education and on how to apply click here.

In 2009, the Oxford Student Higher Education Research Group (OxSHERG) was set up to facilitate co-operation between students working on various aspects of higher education at the Department of Education and elsewhere at the University of Oxford. Go to our People page for further information.

Current and recently completed topics of students’ doctoral theses include:

  • Liberty and justice for all? Exploring the relationship between student loan debt, human liberty, and social justice in American higher education
  • University teachers’ perspectives on quality assurance in Chinese higher education: Three institutional case studies
  • Going ‘higher’ in further education: Exploring the motivations, experiences, expectations and employment outcomes of higher education students
in further education colleges and universities
  • Unpacking Faculty Development in Japan: An ethnography of faculty development practitioners.
  • Innovation in vocational education and training in England, Germany and Austria: Implications of practitioners’ perspectives for policy development and college leadership
  • Muslim Chaplaincy on Campus: A case-study of two American Universities.
  • Delaying the Academy: A Gap Year Education
  • Academic mobility of students in Europe: a case study of Latvian students at English universities
  • Implementing the financial provisions of the Higher Education Act (2004): English universities in a new quasi-market
  • Knowledge acquisition by organizations: China’s high technology enterprises and high-skilled knowledge workers.
  • Profiting from change: a case study of resilience, conflict and resolution in MBA curriculum reform
  • Balancing at the boundaries of organisations: knowledge co-configuration between experts in an e-Science project.
  • Diversification of higher education in China and the student learning experience