Youth Initiative Programme

It is impossible to ignore the existence of young people who are at risk of social exclusion i.e. not being able to access or contribute to what society can offer them.

They present economic and social problems for society but they also, often tragically, experience limited life opportunities which do nothing to break the cycle of deprivation. The target group is far from homogeneous; disability, poverty and race intersect in different ways to restrict the opportunities available to them.

The long-term intention is to establish an interdisciplinary Research Centre, in the Division of Social Sciences, which will focus on the lives of the most disadvantaged young people. The Centre’s approach will be to interpret problems of exclusion and under-performance as multi-faceted, requiring inter-disciplinary analyses and inter-professional responses at the level of both practice and policy. Social Sciences at Oxford are well-placed to undertake these analyses and present them in the relevant policy arena. Indeed it could be argued that focusing on the most needy should be a significant element in Oxford’s research profile

This page contains reviews that have been produced in the course of our on-going research. Click on the pictures to download.

Young-people-at-Risk-cover_webpage Exclusion and the law cover webpage
Eleni Stamou, Anne Edwards, Harry Daniels and Lucinda Ferguson (2014) Young people at-risk of drop-out from education: recognising and responding to their needs, Oxford: University of Oxford  Lucinda Ferguson and Naomi Webber (2015) School exclusion and the law: a literature review and scoping survey of practice, Oxford: University of Oxford
MENTAL HEALTH AND EXCLUSION cover thumbnail Exclusion from Secondary schools cover thumbnail
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