Studying with us

There are opportunities for graduate study in the OSAT Research Centre through engaging in a research degree, the Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil).

We provide an engaging and supportive environment for research students who are encouraged to participate in the many activities run by the OSAT Research Centre. 
A core objective is to advance reflection and discussion about how Socio-cultural and Activity theories can inform both research and practice in a range of professional settings and learning contexts, including schools, colleges, universities, the voluntary sector and workplaces. We welcome students from varied backgrounds

Doctoral students, in addition to frequent one-to-one supervision, participate in specialist seminars, reading groups and research conferences and benefit from contact with visiting academics from other universities, both in UK and abroad.

Current doctoral studentsand their thesis titles

  • Bipana Bantawa Examining the structures and processes of knowledge production and validation within Galaxy Zoo: an online citizen science initiative
  • Helen Campbell-Pickford Acting to educate: the learning of actors in theatre for development: a case study from Rajasthan, India.
  • Jessica Chan Teachers’ understandings of the purposes of group work and their relationship with practice
  • Tatiana Rodriguez Senior managers’ learning trajectories during a period of organisational change
  • Minjeong Song Case study on social interaction as a learning mechanism for situated knowledge
  • Desmond Tan Using cultural-historical activity theory to study how pre-service geography teachers learn to develop their expertise in schools

OSAT alumni