Subject Pedagogy

The Subject Pedagogy Research Group addresses issues in a range of subject areas: English Education, Geography Education, History Education , Mathematics Education, Modern Foreign Languages Education, Religious Education, and Science Education.

Questions of subject pedagogy, learning, and teacher knowledge are at the core of the group’s research agenda. A research interest shared among group members relates to developing, understanding, and evaluating the effectiveness of research informed ways to promote powerful pedagogical practices in different subject areas and across levels of education (including teacher education). This work draws not only on subject specific educational research but also research in the areas of philosophy, psychology, and sociology.

Members of the group investigate topics in their particular subject areas but also important topics in the intersections of two or more subject areas, capitalising on the multi-disciplinary expertise of the group. For example, group members have recently published a book, edited by Dr. Ian Thompson, on issues of Task Design across subject areas. The publication addresses the central question of how teachers view and use the pedagogic potential of classroom tasks to engage pupils with disciplinary knowledge. Supported by a Fell Fund, workshops arising from the book have provided the foundation for establishing a network of local teachers, collaborating with group members, to promote research informed approaches to task design. Beyond task design, two other topics on the current agenda of the group relate to: (a) designing theory-informed classroom-based interventions to address problems of practice in different subject areas, and (b) investigating how theories of learning and associated pedagogical implications of those theories may play out differently or similarly in praxis in a number of disciplines. Following a successful BERA symposium, plans for a second edited collection on classroom-based interventions in different subject areas are underway.

The group is convened by Professor Gabriel Stylianides.

Page last modified: September 18, 2017

Subject Pedagogy Research Group