English, Drama and Media in Education

The Forum for English, Drama and Media in Education brings together academic, post-graduate researchers, teachers and arts practitioners to develop opportunities for research that also stimulate educational and arts practice.

The Forum builds on developmental work, over the last eleven years, with Oxford’s Pegasus Theatre (including innovative teacher education workshops and the Arts Council funded ‘Voices’ project), Big State Theatre and digital film maker Mark Bishop, and emerging relationships with other individuals and organisations, including professional associations.

The Forum’s first event was a small international symposium in July 2011 about the influence of Vygotsky’s ideas on pedagogy in the English Language Arts and Drama. The Forum aims to provide opportunities for researchers, practitioners and beginning teachers to discuss, debate and research both  the theories related to English pedagogy and the related practice of English teaching in a range of educational contexts.  Recent research seminars have included sessions on teaching Film Studies at A level, school inspections and English Departments, and the role of grammar for learning in the English classroom. Click in the box on the right for further information about our archived and future events.

In our research we maintain a focus on the learning and teaching involved in the wide range of ‘subjects’ associated with English. Current research projects involving Forum members include:

  • Developing Students’ Knowledge of Phonics in Secondary Teacher Education.
  • Literacy for Learning? The Effect of Literacy Across the Curriculum Policies on Pupils’ Literacy Skills
  • Learning to Teach Writing in Culturally Diverse Settings.

The Forum is convened by Dr Victoria Elliott and is associated with OSAT, the Oxford Centre for Sociocultural and Activity Theory Research.


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