Geography Education

The Geography Education group develops knowledge and practice in the teaching and learning of Geography in educational contexts, particularly at secondary and tertiary levels and with a view to influencing policy.

Group members are academics, graduate students and practitioners engaged in a range of research and development projects. We maintain a tradition of learning and researching to develop original thinking, critical perspectives and new knowledge in geography education while sustaining integrity with the nature of the subject. The research pervades development work with various groups of people, including those whom we are supporting to become teachers. To achieve this, members of the group use a range of research paradigms and ways of working. The group also supports the work of GEReCo (UK Geography Education Research Collective), the GTE (Geography Teacher Education) network and the Geographical Association (teacher professional association) in contributing to seminars, workshops and conferences.

Our Research

Young people’s geographies
This project is exploring ways in which teachers and students can work collaboratively to develop approaches to curriculum development and classroom practice that explicitly start from the lived geographies of the students.


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