Our research

Changes in mathematics teaching
A three-year project following a cohort of previously low-attaining students through key stage 3 in schools where mathematics teachers changed the ways they taught such students.

Key understandings in mathematics learning (KUML)
A synthesis of research was produced to describe how children learn mathematics in key areas of number, relations, spatial understanding, algebra and modelling.

Key ideas in teaching mathematics
Extending the work of the Key Understandings in Mathematics Learning project this project has produced a book and website summarising research-based aspects of mathematics learning in the secondary phase.

Learning by teaching a synthetic student: using SimStudent to study the effect of tutor learning
This large-scale, 3-year project explores the use of ICT in the development of innovative learning environments, in which students learn how to solve algebraic equations by teaching a machine-learning agent.

Cases of reasoning-and-proving in secondary mathematics
This large-scale, 5-year project aims to help bridge the gap between theoretical/research understandings about mathematical knowledge for teaching and the incorporation of these understandings into materials for use in teacher education.

Content knowledge for teaching school mathematics
This recently completed project was funded by the Spencer Foundation and had a twofold goal.

Prospective teachers’ challenges in beginning to teach mathematics
The project used case study methodology to investigate the following goals…

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