Teacher Education and Professional Learning

The Teacher Education and Professional Learning Research Group (TEPLRG) is convened by Dr Katharine Burn. Its research programme underpins the development of teacher education at Oxford and has four strands.

Teacher Education Policy

This strand is led by Professor Ian Menter who led a major literature review on Teacher Education in the 21st Century for the Scottish Government and leads a UK wide research group, the Teacher Education Group.  Prof John Furlong led the review of ITT provision in Wales on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government producing the Furlong Report in 2007. In 2009, he led the review of teacher education in Brunei and more recently was a member of an international team reviewing teacher education in the Republic of Ireland.  John Furlong and Ian Menter are members of the Steering Group of the inquiry into teacher education and research set up by the British Educational Research Association (John Furlong chairs this group).  Dr. Jane McNicholl and others look into the work of teacher education among English HEIs and identify material and cultural similarities and differences of teacher education in England and Scotland.

The Individual Learning of Beginning Teachers

Work here includes Dr. Ann Child’s project on the use of the internet by beginning science teachers, Trevor Mutton’s and Katharine Burn’s longitudinal study on the developing expertise of beginning teachers.

Professional Learning in Schools

Work here includes Dr. Ann Childs and Dr. Jane McNicholl’s research focusing on ‘knowledge rich departments’ as learning environments for teachers in science and also in history with Dr. Katharine Burn.

We are also looking at learning opportunities and changing practices on the boundaries of organisations. Research here includes Professor Anne Edwards’s ESRC-funded study of “Expanding understandings of inclusions” which examines school practices and multi-professional collaboration with Professor Ingrid Lunt.

Subject Knowledge and the teaching of subjects in Schools

Work in this area covers the investigation of pedagogical content knowledge in school subject departments and the teaching of various subject areas. Further details can be found in the various strands active under the auspices of the Subject Pedagogy Research Group.

Membership of the Teacher Education and Professional Learning group is wide and its work encompasses studies run by individual academics and students as well as some more substantial projects. There are research collaborations with universities in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Middle East, and several European countries. Several members have worked with NCTL, QCDA, DfE, Welsh Assembly, Scottish Government and other government, local authority and relevant voluntary bodies. Senior members have national and international recognition in their fields, holding positions or otherwise being active in appropriate research associations.

To be placed on the TEPLRG mailing list, please contact the convener.