Our research

Teacher education policy

Review of the impacts of RAE 2008 on education research in UK higher education institutions
This project, which was led by Dr Alis Oancea (Oxford) with support from Professor John Furlong (Oxford) and Professor David Bridges (UEA), was commissioned by the British Educational Research Association (BERA) and the Universities’ Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) in response to the UK Research Assessment Exercise 2008.

TLRP in Wales
Research evidence for educational policy and practice in Wales.

Review of Teacher Education in Brunei Darussalam
This Review was undertaken by a team consisting of  Professor John Furlong, Dr Katharine Burn, Dr Hazel Hagger and Professor John Howson (University of Oxford) and Professor Olwen McNamara (University of Manchester).

Review of initial teacher training provision in Wales for the National Assembly for Wales: setting the framework for teacher supply
This Review undertaken on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government was carried out by John Furlong, Hazel Hagger, and Cerys Butcher of University of Oxford Department of Education in association with John Howson of Education Data Surveys Ltd.

The work of teacher education
In conjunction with the Oxford Centre for Sociocultural and Activity Theory Research (OSAT) this study commenced in April 2010 and runs until March 2011, Funded by a Higher Education Academy/ESCalate ‘Teacher Educators for the Twenty-first Century’ grant.

The individual learning of beginning teachers

Use of the internet by beginning science teachers
This is a longitudinal project funded initially by Escalate and then Becta looking at how trainee teachers used the Internet in their science teaching.

Developing expertise of beginning teachers (DEBT) project
The DEBT Project (a longitudinal study, following students from two PGCE courses through their initial training, induction year and second year of practice) explores the learning of beginning teachers.

Students’ beliefs about teaching and learning and knowledge acquisition
This study focuses on: BEd students’ epistemological beliefs and their beliefs about learning and teaching.

Professional learning in schools

Teacher learning of PCK in school subject departments
At a time of rapid and significant curriculum change, this study explores ways in which science and history teachers develop the pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) they need to teach new areas of the curriculum or new kinds of subject knowledge.

School subject departments as sites for teacher learning
This project builds upon recent studies of science departments as sites for teacher learning and explores both science and humanities departments.

Online resource-based inquiry learning environment: effects of teacher pedagogical practices on science understanding of primary learners working in groups
This study involves teachers applying instructional practices with available online resource-based learning environments in classroom settings, in order to extend these investigations to identify how teachers’ pedagogical practices can impact learners’ understanding of science in the last two years of their primary education.

Expanding understandings of inclusion: implications of preventing social exclusion for practices in schools
In association with the Oxford Centre for Sociocultural and Activity Theory Research (OSAT).

Subject knowledge and the teaching of subjects in schools

For research related to this area of interest, please refer to the Subject Pedagogy Research Group pages.