Studying with us

PGCE course

Many of the members of the Teaching and Teacher Education Research Group are involved with the PGCE course at Oxford, which is an established and internationally recognised course. The course is based on the most up-to-date research and professional thinking, and is organised in partnership with schools that have been deeply involved with teacher education for over twenty years. Several partnership schools are closely involved in research projects organised by members of the Teaching and Teacher Education Research Group and many mentors have studied our MSc (learning and teaching).

MSc (Learning and Teaching)

This course has been specifically designed for practising teachers interested in developing their understanding of the learning process and the conditions that best support it. Its purpose is to give students the skills and confidence necessary to draw on high-quality research in developing their own practice, and to generate new knowledge themselves about effective teaching strategies. It will provide opportunities to work closely with others, collaborating not only with other participants as they test out ideas, but also with colleagues, sharing and extending the findings of their research and development work. It will equip students with new ways of working as well as new ways of thinking about teaching, and professional confidence in the knowledge that the ideas which underpin teacher practice have been carefully evaluated and are rooted in a secure evidence base.

Current doctoral research

Jenny Lim A study of practising teachers of English learning through participating in school partnerships

Ariel Lindorff-Vinjayendren A comparative analysis of school administrator evaluation and its validity in the United States and China

Haoran Liu Teaching in the shadow: professional identity in private tutoring schools in China

Mahmoud Natout Between ‘prophet’ and ‘professional’: the implications of memory, reform, and conflict on the beliefs and perceptions of student-teachers in training in Lebanon

Desmond Tan The use of AfL by student teachers in secondary geography

Completed doctoral studies

Alaster Douglas How do secondary school subject departments contribute to the learning of student teachers?

Mallory Dwinal Teach for America and rural Southern teacher labour supply: An exploratory case study of Teach for America as a supplement to teacher labour policies in the Mississippi-Arkansas Delta, 2008-2010

Nicholas Hopwood Pupil conceptions of school geography: a classroom based investigation

Mounira Jamjoom Secondary and intermediate female Islamic studies teachers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: understanding their teaching

Washington Karumazondo A case study of the experiences of newly qualified teachers during their first year of teaching in secondary schools in Zimbabwe.