The Oxford Education Deanery is a research-engaged professional learning partnership. Its aim is to draw on the expertise of University-based specialists to support local teachers’ professional learning and so improve outcomes for pupils in local schools.

The Education Deanery was formally launched in November 2013 and is based in the department.  Its aim is to improve outcomes for local young people by supporting teachers’ professional learning and provides a wealth of resources that give teachers easy access to relevant, high-quality research, and opportunities to engage in joint collaborative research projects.

Building on the department’s long-standing partnership with local schools through the Oxford Internship Scheme for initial teacher education (the PGCE), the Deanery was established to extend this collaboration to teachers’ continuing professional development and their engagement in and with research.

The first Deanery agreements were made with Oxford City Learning (OCL) but are now being extended to encompass members of the Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance and other schools engaged in the Oxford Internship Scheme.

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