Global Public Seminars in Comparative and International Education address themes of major interest to academics, practitioners, and policy-makers working in the field of education globally.

These seminars illuminate the role of education in societal development, with a focus on understanding changes in education policy, discourse, and practice, and how these changes influence individual opportunities and shape the development of educational institutions around the world. Seminars zoom into the local and zoom out into the national and supranational spaces, flows, and influences on education.

Convened by Dr Maia Chankseliani.

Hosted on Zoom (registration required).


Seminar programme:

To be announced.


Past seminars

The recordings of past Global Public Seminars in Comparative and International Education can be accessed by following these links:

Giving epistemic due to the educational experiences of young women with disabilities in Palestine, Dr Alison Mackenzie and Dr Mohammed Owaineh, Queen’s University Belfast, UK

New Kids on the Block: Features, Trends, and Regulation of For-profits in Higher Education Worldwide Speaker: Dr Dante Salto, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Revisiting Social Reproduction Theory: An empirical study based on the data of PISA 2018 Speaker: Yan Luo, Tsinghua University, China

From Perpetrator to Peacebuilder: Rethinking Education in Conflict-Affected Societies Speaker: Professor Tejendra Pherali, UCL, UK

Understanding Dynamic Influences of Educational Reform in Ethiopia Speaker: Professor Ricardo Sabates Aysa, University of Cambridge, UK

Rurality in Globalised Higher Education: Comparative Perspectives from International Doctoral Research Theses Speaker: Professor Catherine Montgomery, Faculty of Social Sciences and Health, Durham University, UK

Re-imagining Intellectual Leadership in Post-Soviet Higher Education Speaker: Professor Anatoly Oleksiyenko, Department of International Education, the Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), Hong Kong

Toppling Statues? Complicity, Whiteness and Reckoning in Comparative and International Education Speakers: Professors Robin Shields & Julia Paulson, University of Bristol, UK

Why does educational tracking lead to greater inequality in political engagement? Zooming in on France Speaker: Professor Germ Janmaat, UCL Institute of Education, UK

Education in Emergencies & the Implicated Subject: Imperial Pasts and Presents Speaker: Professor Mario Novelli, Professor in the Political Economy of Education, Centre for International Education, University of Sussex, UK

Tiger parenting under globalization: Social class, ethnicity and culture Speaker: Dr Nutsa Kobakhidze, Assistant Professor in Comparative and International Education, Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Overview of Education In Africa: How the Implementation of the CESA And SDG4 Agendas is Progressing? Speaker: Dr Carolina Alban Conto, Research and Development Manager, IIEP – UNESCO Africa Office, Dakar, Senegal

At The Crossroads: Rethinking the Role of Education in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Speaker: Thomas Koruth Samuel, Consultant, Terrorism Prevention, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Regional Centre for East Asia and the Pacific, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Social Distance, Teachers’ Beliefs and Teaching Practices in a Context of Social Disadvantage: Evidence from India and Pakistan   Speaker: Dr Rabea Malik, CEO and Fellow, Institute of Development and Economic Alternatives; Assistant Professor, School of Education, LUMS, Pakistan

‘Breaking gender, sex and sexuality borders: The case of comprehensive sexuality education in South Africa’ Speaker: Thabo Msibi, Dean and Head of School, School of Education, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Global Middle-Class families – comparative study of travel trajectories and imagined futures’ Speaker: Miri Yemini, Senior Lecturer, Tel Aviv University, Israel

‘Equal’ Transnational Partnerships in Higher Education: Sino-Foreign Case Studies’ Speaker: Miguel Antonio Lim, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Manchester, UK

‘Why did policymakers in India and Mexico adopt the Germanic model of dual apprenticeships?’ Speaker: Oscar Valiente, Senior Lecturer University of Glasgow, UK

‘Governing education by partnership: the GPE in the context of other sectors’ global financing partnerships.’ Speaker: Moira V. Faul, Executive Director, NORRAG, Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland

‘A comparison of the transition of returning scholars to domestic research environments in Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Cambodia.’ Speaker: Aliya Kuzhabekova, Associate Professor, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

‘Methods and Findings from OECD’s Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) Video Study of Teaching’ Speaker: V. Darleen Opfer, Vice President, RAND Education and Labor Research Division; Distinguished Chair in Education Policy, USA

Renegotiating the Public Good: Education Policy Responses to Covid-19 in England, Germany and Italy Speaker: Dr Peter Kelly, Reader in Comparative Education, University of Plymouth, UK

The Divided World of Comparative Research on Pedagogy Speaker: Michele Schweisfurth, Professor of Comparative and International Education, School of Education, University of Glasgow, UK