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Department of Education

Aizuddin Mohamed Anuar

Doctoral Student

College Affiliation: New College

Aizuddin “Jude” Mohamed Anuar is a Malaysian Doctoral student in education and a Clarendon scholar.

His Doctoral research explores rural young people’s STEM education and aspirations related to ‘development’ in his home country, Malaysia. Within the field of comparative and international education, his research interests include education and inter/national development, postcolonialism, rural education and cultural studies in science education.

Jude previously completed an MSc in Comparative and International Education in the department. Prior to Oxford, he gained professional experience in the philanthropy team of Malaysia’s petroleum corporation, focusing on planning and implementing education outreach initiatives across the country.

He also holds an MA in Cognitive Studies in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and a BE (Hons) in Chemical Engineering from the University of New South Wales.

Journal article

Chankseliani, M, Aizuddin, M. A. (2019) Cross-Country Comparison Of Engagement In Apprenticeships: A Conceptual Analysis Of Incentives For Individuals And Firms, The International Journal For Research In Vocational Education And Training, 6(3), 261-283. DOI:

Aizuddin, M. A. (2019). Globalisation, the education gospel and a call for local adaptations in the developing world. The New Collection, 13, 36-47.

Book review

Aizuddin, M. A. (2019). [Review of the book Dreams made small: the education of Papuan Highlanders in Indonesia, by J. Munro]. Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale, 27(4), 720-721. DOI:

Conference papers

Aizuddin, M. A., Erduran, S., & Chankseliani, M. (2019, August). A framework for studying rural young people’s STEM education, aspirations & ‘science for development’. Paper presented at the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA) Conference, Bologna, Italy.

Aizuddin, M. A. (2019, June). Young people’s STEM education and aspirations for development: A comparative case study in Malaysia’s rural heartland. Paper presented at Global Perspectives: Reimagining Education Conference, Worcester, UK.

Internet publications

Aizuddin, M. A. (2019, 19 October). Streamless schools – seamless transition or half-formed idea? New Straits Times (—-seamless-transition-or-half-formed-idea)

Aizuddin, M. A. (2019, 7 August). Knowledge for ‘Good Life’: Which to use? New Straits Times (

Aizuddin, M. A. (2019, 12 January). Making room for the poor in government residential schools. The Star (

Aizuddin, M. A. (2018, 9 November). Building New Malaysia in Our Own Mould. New Straits Times (


Young people’s STEM education and aspirations for development: A comparative case study of Malaysia’s rural heartland (working title)

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