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Department of Education

Ellie Suh

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Ellie is a Research Officer in the Rees Centre and is currently working with Dr Lisa Holmes on cost effectiveness of children’s services.

Her work on cost effectiveness involves devising and implementing time use studies, calculation of unit costs, and longitudinal analyses to assess the cost benefit/effectiveness of services. She is also engaged with a number of local authorities for their use of the Cost Calculator for Children’s Services (CCfCS). She is currently working on a project that investigates how economic value is conceptualised and justified in children’s social care.

Ellie has recently completed a PhD in Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) under the supervision of Professor Sir John Hills (Social Policy) and Professor Irini Moustaki (Statistics). In her PhD thesis, she examined the role of attitudes to long-term saving and the patterns of wealth accumulation among the younger half of the British working-age population.


(1) Suh, E. (In review) British adults entry to the housing market and the role of intergenerational transfers.
(2) Suh, E. (In review) Cant save or Wont Save: the interaction between attitudinal and socio-economic characteristics in retirement saving decision-making process among young British adults.
(3) Suh, E. (Working paper) Beyond the partial gender effect: Examining gender difference in additional retirement saving activity using multi-group analysis in SEM framework.
(4) Suh, E. (Working paper) Wealth Accumulation Patterns among young British adults.

Blog post for the Housing Studies Association (HSA)

Funded Research Projects:

  • Cost Effectiveness Project

  • October 2019 - December 2022

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