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Department of Education

Karim Elmehairy

Research student

Karim’s current doctoral research aims to further our understanding of learners’ learning ecologies.

An individual’s learning ecology is conceptualized as his network of social and material resources along with the relationships between these resources. Social resources include parents, siblings, and peers, amongst other personal connections. Distributed resources, on the other hand, are all non-human resources, and they include software, hardware, and books amongst a variety of other media content. Relationships between specific social and distributed resources exist when a friend or a book refers to another article or book, or one a parent or sibling brokers an interaction with an expert on a topic.

A learning ecology can be resource rich or poor, diverse or homogenous, and fragmented or interdependent. Considering a learning ecology an ego-network, social network analysis techniques, including network density and prevalence of dyads and triads, will be used to explore these attributes.

Karim has designed and developed a mobile application to collect data about the learning resources involved in sample learning instances. Learmapp, a learning diary mobile App, currently on Andriod’s PlayStore, aims to help its users track their learning, understand their learning ecologies and become better learners.

Karim is Co-founder of Mirqah, a learning and development company based in Cairo, Egypt. Working for Mirqah, Karim has trained people from top managers, to heads of departments, to supervisory and staff levels. Karim has designed and managed the design of a multitude of learning experiences ranging in diversity from company-wide leadership development and innovation programs, to business simulations, games, and online learning platforms.

Karim is also Co-founder and Chairman of Kalimaat Foundation. Kalimaat, also based in Cairo, Egypt, is currently designing, testing and will be eventually scaling an innovative pre-school curriculum in the Arab region and the Islamic world.


Dr Niall Winters

Research interests
  • Learning ecologies
  • Learning science
  • Educational technology
  • Early childhood education
  • Informal learning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self-tracked and quantified-self


Exploring configurations of and patterns of engagement with learning resources within learning ecologies

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