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Department of Education

Minhui Wei

Doctoral Student

College Affiliation: Wolfson College

Prior to her Doctoral study, she has obtained a BA in English Language and Literature and BEc in Economics from Tsinghua University, China.

Afterwards, she has studied MPhil in Education on Research in Second Language Education in University of Cambridge. During her undergraduate and master’s study, she has researched various topics in applied linguistics, including motivation of study abroad, medical discourse use, perceptions of EFL courses and language proficiency, children’s early development in recognizing orthographical form of letters in L1, and teacher talk in EMI classes.

Because of the increasing number of EMI courses in universities in China and her learning experiences of taking EMI courses on several different subjects, Minhui has developed her research interest on this research context since her master’s study. Her master’s project was about the metadiscourse use in teacher talk in EMI classes in China’s universities. She is now trying to explore Chinese EMI students’ vocabulary learning in her doctoral research project. She wants to learn whether EMI classes can lead to vocabulary gain, whether students’ strategy using patterns change over time and whether there are any disciplinary differences in terms of the patterns of strategy use.

Research interests
  • Applied linguistics
  • Vocabulary learning
  • Language learning strategies
  • Metadiscourse
  • EMI
  • EAP
  • Academic discourse


Investigating English Medium of Instruction (EMI) students’ vocabulary learning and use of vocabulary learning strategies: A longitudinal study in China’s tertiary context

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