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Department of Education

Roger Bailey

Doctoral Student

College Affiliation: New College

Roger is a part-time General Practitioner in the National Health Service. He also works for NHS England and for the Ministry of Justice.

He grew up in the UK, Malta, Nigeria, and Kuwait. Before joining the Health Service, he served as a doctor in the Royal Army Medical Corps in the UK, Nepal, Canada, Germany, and Cyprus. He has also worked in New Zealand and the USA. He is an alumnus of Durham University (BSc), Imperial College London (MBBS), Manchester University Law School (LLM) and St Catherine’s College, Oxford (MSc).

His research interests are in migration of health workers and widening participation in health and social care careers as a means of supporting upward social mobility.


Bailey, R., Howick, J. (2019) Did John Stuart Mill influence the design of controlled clinical trials?  Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 12(6):258-260.

Bailey, R. (August 2019) Systematic Review Protocol. In women with mild to moderate hypertension, does treatment with an oral beta-blocker improve mortality or cardiovascular morbidity outcomes compared to placebo or other antihypertensive treatment? A systematic review and meta-analysis. Prospero. National Institute for Health Research CRD42019140683.


What social and cultural factors affect career choices for modern immigrant/ minority populations entering UK Health and Social Care?

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