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Department of Education

Siyang Zhou

Doctoral Student

College Affiliation: Kellogg College

Siyang has a passion for languages and is interested in how study abroad benefits the vocabulary gains of international students in the UK.

She obtained a BA from Sun Yat-sen University in China and masters from the University of Cambridge and the University of Sydney, specializing in language education. She has taught English in a higher vocational college for a few years in China and has accumulated rich work experiences in the education sector. She was the winner of the Richard Pemberton Prize for the best postgraduate presentation at BAAL Annual Conference 2019.

  • Briggs Baffoe-Djan, J., & Zhou, S. (2020: in press). Close encounters of the third kind: quantity, type and quality of language contact during study abroad. In M. Howard (Ed.), Study Abroad and the Second Language Learner: Expectations, Experiences and Development. London: Bloomsbury.
  • Zhou, S. (2017). A longitudinal study of the English learning motivation of higher vocational students in Sino-foreign programs – A case study of Guangdong Industry Polytechnic. Journal of Educational Development, 613: 81-85.
  • Zhou, S. (2016). The implication of Dornyei’s motivation theory to the IELTS teaching for higher vocational college students. The Academic Journal of Guangdong Industry Polytechnic, 3: 49-52.
  • Zhou, S. (2020). A longitudinal study of the phrasal verb development of study-abroad students for one academic year. Paper accepted at AAAL Annual Conference.
  • Zhou, S. (2020). Informal language contact and phrasal verb acquisition of study abroad students in the UK. Paper accepted by AILA World Congress, Groningen, Netherlands.
  • Zhou, S. (2019). The influence of informal language contact on the phrasal verb knowledge of international students. Paper presented at Second Language Research Forum, Lansing, US. 19-22 September.
  • Zhou, S. (2019). “You just picked it up.” The influence of informal language contact on the phrasal verb knowledge of international students in the UK. Paper presented at BAAL Annual Conference. Manchester, UK. 28-31 August.


Informal language contact and vocabulary development among international students in the UK

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