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Department of Education

Zhanxin Hao

Doctoral Researcher

College Affiliation: St Antony's College

Zhanxin is a DPhil candidate in education at the University of Oxford. Her research interests include the assessment policy, the predictability and standards of high-stakes tests, assessment for learning and e-assessment.

Zhanxin’s doctoral research investigates the effect of test preparation on students’ performance of educational tests. She uses three interrelated studies to depict the test preparation process as well as the effect of test preparation strategies. Her first study is a meta-analysis of the impact of test preparation on test performance of educational tests. She also conducts a series of follow-up experiments to examine the effects of two commonly used test preparation strategies (testing and restudying) on test performance and long-term retention. Students’ regulated use of the two strategies during test preparation has also been investigated.

Prior to joining OUCEA, Zhanxin completed her undergraduate degree in Education at Beijing Normal University, and her MA in Educational Assessment at University College London. Since joining OUCEA, Zhanxin has worked as a research assistant and the editorial assistant for the journal Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice. Zhanxin also gained a prestigious fellowship at Ofqual and worked as a member of Standard Advisory Group, where she engaged in contemporary and contentious assessment debates and gave advice on assessment policy and practice in England.

Title of Thesis

Test preparation: An integrated thesis of a meta-analysis and studies on students’ strategies.

Hao, Z., Baird, J., EI Masri, Y., & Double, K. (Under Review) The impact of test preparation on performance of educational tests: A meta-analysis of (Quasi) Experimental studies.
Hao, Z., Baird, J., & EI Masri, Y. (Under Review). The effects of using testing and restudy as test preparation strategies on educational tests. The paper will be submitted to Educational Researcher in March 2022.
Hao, Z., Baird, J., & EI Masri, Y. (in preparation). Self-regulated use of testing and restudy strategies for test preparation: Understanding students’ choices.

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