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Rees Centre

We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers, investigating issues at the intersection of education and children’s social care both in the UK and internationally. We work closely with policy and practice and aim to produce tailored, accessible outputs of our work.

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Current projects

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improving educational outcomes

schools, further and higher education

mental health and wellbeing

foster care related research


care leaver transitions and access to further/higher education and employment

health of looked after children

family justice

refugee and asylum-seeking young people

cost effectiveness of services and support provided to children and families including cost calculator



secondary data analysis

data visualisation

systematic review


participatory methods



Personal data and research projects

How we process your personal data if you agreed to participate in a research study or project run by academic researchers at the University of Oxford; and/or provided your personal data to another organisation who has passed on that data to the University of Oxford for research purposes.

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