Our academics are invited to talk on podcasts about all things education on a regular basis. Listen to a selection of podcasts that our staff have been involved in below.


Deanery Digests podcast logo
The Oxford Education Deanery hosts the Deanery Digests podcast, discussing the real-world implications of education research for teachers, parents and policy makers.
Conversations in Med Ed

Dr Danica Sims hosts Conversations in Med Ed, a podcast that explores the diverse world of health professions education and research.


Dr Lulu Shi talks about new research on the political and economic agendas behind EdTech on the Education Technology Society podcast.

November 2023


Professor Terezinha Nunes talks to Blansh Al-Awkabi about invisible mathematics in early years on the Education Audiocast. 

September 2023


Professor Sibel Erduran talks to the official podcast of the FEDORA Project about open schooling and policymakers’ involvement in educational research.

August 2023


Professor Sibel Erduran talks to the Stories of Impact podcast about the role of argumentation in science and religious education.

June 2023


Professor Victoria Murphy talks to EEF Senior Content Manager Kirsten Mould and other experts in linguistics and education, along with education leaders, giving her perspective on how best to support pupils with English as an Additional Language.

February 2023


Professor Sibel Erduran talks to Andy Woods from Pearson EdExcel about the EU-funded FEDORA Project discussion what knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values will today’s students need to thrive in and shape their world and how we can develop students into informed ‘citizens of science’ grappling with concepts in a world of fast paced change. 

February 2023


Professor Victoria Murphy talks to Tan Huynh on the ‘Teaching MLs’ podcast about her research on early childhood education in English for speakers of other languages.

November 2022