The Oxford Education Deanery

The Oxford Education Deanery is a research-engaged professional learning partnership. Its aim is to draw on the expertise of university-based specialists to support local teachers’ professional learning and so improve outcomes for pupils in local schools.

Deanery webpage

The Education Deanery was formally launched in Novermber 2013 with speeches made by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Andrew Hamilton, Charlie Taylor, Chief Executive of the National College for Teaching and Leadership and Katherine Ryan, Headteacher of Matthew Arnold School and Chair of Oxford City Learning.

Building on the long-standing partnership of the Department of Education and local schools within the Oxford Internship Scheme for initial teacher education, the Deanery was established to extend  this collaboration to teachers’ continuing professional development and their engagement in and with research. The first Deanery agreements were made with Oxford City Learning (OCL) but are now being extended to encompass members of the Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance and other schools engaged in the Oxford Internship Scheme.

There are three strands to the Deanery’s work:

Initial teacher education

Engagement in a partnership programme of initial teacher education (the Oxford Internship Scheme) remains at the heart of the Department of Education’s collaboration with local schools

Continuing Professional Development

(for newly qualified and established teachers)

Through the Deanery the Department of Education offers a number of opportunities for early career and established teachers to develop their practice through engagement in and with research:

  • An induction programme for NQTs offered through the Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance
  • Action Research Fellowships – mentoring and support for engagement in small-scale action practitioner enquiries (currently offered through OCL)
  • The Enhanced Master’s in Learning and Teaching – a structured programme of mentoring and support and local collaboration between schools for local participants on the University of Oxford MSc in Learning and Teaching (currently offered through OCL)


The Deanery has secured funding for a number of research projects being carried out in collaboration with local schools.  It is our intention to strengthen this research collaboration with further funded projects that not only respond to the needs of local schools, but which work effectively to ensure that the findings  are effectively embedded and evaluated in schools’ practice. Schools that choose to join the Deanery commit to the appointment of a Research Champion responsible both for supporting teachers’ own engagement in research and for helping to shape the Department’s research agenda.

The Deanery also works as an intermediary between schools and other departments of the University of Oxford, ensuring that the research expertise of the wider university (within subject disciplines as well in relation to educational research and policy) is used to support teachers’ professional learning and so contribute to improved learning outcomes for local young people.

Further details about the work of the Education Deanery can be found on its website here  – or by contacting the Director of the Deanery, Dr Katharine Burn at or Research Officer, Jessica Chan at