Decolonising the curriculum?

15th June 2021 : 10:00 - 11:00

Category: Webinar

Speaker: Steven Puttick, University of Oxford

Location: Teams

Convener: Niall Winters

Audience: Public


Steven Puttick

The Education department website’s Homepage currently foregrounds ‘The Department’s Commitment to Antiracism’: what might this mean for our curriculum? Longstanding calls to decolonise the curriculum have received heightened global attention, and attention to Oxford’s reckoning with its own colonial history – particularly through Rhodes Must Fall – has also increased. This seminar will discuss recent work on decolonising the curriculum, firstly through the case of geography – in which responses to black, decolonial and anti-racist work in the academic discipline of geography are sharply contrasted against the absence of this thought in the school subject – and then by presenting ongoing activity from a curriculum review working group exploring this question in the Education department.

This event is part of the Pedagogy, Learning, and Knowledge Research Theme Seminar Series.