Department of Education

Alison Cullinane

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Alison is the Post-Doctoral researcher on Project Calibrate (it is funded by Wellcome Trust: grant number 209659/Z/17/Z).

This project is researching examination questions to measure pupils’ understanding of different aspects of practical science and how they work together for coherent understanding of how science works. She is involved in all the studies within the project as the main researcher and data analyst for the project.

She is also a member of the Project Management Board and ensures the day to day running of the project. Prior to joining Project Calibrate at the University of Oxford, Alison was member of a STEM research centre-EPI*STEM in the University of Limerick, Ireland. Her research here looked at teacher education, nature of science and assessment design.


  • Book chapters

    • CULLINANE, A, ERDURAN, S, Wooding, SJ (2019) “Assessment of Practical Chemistry in England: An Analysis of Scientific Methods Assessed in High-Stakes Examinations”, In: M Schultz, S Schmid, GA Lawrie (eds.) Research and Practice in Chemistry Education Advances from the 25th IUPAC International Conference on Chemistry Education 2018. Singapore: Springer. 135-148

  • Journal articles

    • Cullinane, A, Liston, M (2016) “Review of the Leaving Certificate biology examination papers (1999-2008) using Bloom's taxonomy - an investigation of the cognitive demands of the examination”, IRISH EDUCATIONAL STUDIES. 35(3) 249-267.

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