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Ian Menter

Professor Emeritus

College Affiliation: Kellogg College

Ian is former President of BERA, 2013-2015. At OUDE he was Director of Professional Programmes and led the development of the Oxford Education Deanery.

Before moving to Oxford, Ian was Professor of Teacher Education at the University of Glasgow. Prior to that he held posts at the University of the West of Scotland (Dean of Education and Media), London Metropolitan University (Head of School of Education), University of the West of England and the University of Gloucestershire.

Ian was President of the Scottish Educational Research Association from 2005–07 and chaired the Research and Development Committee of the Universities’ Council for the Education of Teachers from 2008-11. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and is a Visiting Professor at the University of Nottingham, at Newman University, Birmingham, at Bath Spa University and Ulster University and is also an adjunct professor at Southern Cross University in Australia.



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Recent research reports

  • 2009 Final Report Curriculum for Excellence Draft Experiences and Outcomes: Collection, analysis and reporting of data for Learning and Teaching Scotland (Menter, I., Baumfield, V., Hulme, M., Devlin, A., Ellott, D., Hall, J., Hall, S. and Lowden, K.)
  • 2010 ‘Teachers: formation, training and identity’ (A literature review for Culture, Creativity and Education) (Menter, I.)
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  • 2010 Research to support Schools of Ambition: Final Report, Edinburgh: The Scottish Government (Menter, I., Hulme, M., Christie, D., Payne, F., Coutts, N., Robson, D. and Spratt, J.)
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  • 2011 The Glasgow West Teacher Education Initiative: A Clinical Approach to Teacher Education. Evaluation Report. (Menter. I., Baumfield, V., Carroll, M., Dickson, B., Hulme, M., Lowden, K. and Mallon, W.) University of Glasgow.
  • 2012 The Glasgow West Teacher Education Initiative: Evaluation of second phase. Menter, I. and Lowden, K. Glasgow: The University of Glasgow.
  • 2013 Raising and Sustaining Aspiration in City Schools, funded by Citi Foundation (Aexander, P., Edwrads, A., Fancourt, N. And Menter, I.)

Recent book chapters

  • Hulme, M. and Menter, I. (2015) ‘Performance measurement and accountability: some reflections on the developments in teacher education in England’ in Kuhlee, D., van Buer, J. and Winch, C. (eds.) Governance in Initial Teacher Education (ITE): a comparison of England and Germany, Springer/Verlag fur Sozialwissenschaften.
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Recent journal articles

  • Arnott, M and Menter, I. (2007) ‘The same but different?  Post-devolution regulation and control in education in Scotland and England’, European Educational Research Journal, 6, 3, 250-265.
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Research and professional activity

Ian’s research interests are in teacher education and teachers’ work, with a particular interest in policy. He has carried out a number of ‘home international’ comparative studies within the UK, including ESRC-sponsored initiatives and has led projects commissioned by the Scottish Government and The National College for School Leadership. He led a research support team from OUDE working on the National College for Teaching and Leadership project, Closing the Gap – Test and Learn. He was also Director of the Oxford City Council funded Leadership for Learning project, working in city primary schools.

Ian is a founding editor of Review of Education, a journal of the British Educational Research Association, launched in 2013. He is series editor for Critical Guides for Teacher Educators, published by Critical Publishing. He is a founder member of two UK-wide research groups, TEG (Teacher Education Group) and CAPeR-UK (Curricululum, Assessment and Pedagogy Reform across the UK), as well as the OUDE –led research group on Poverty and Teacher Education. He was also a member of the steering group for the BERA-RSA Inquiry into Research and Teacher Education.

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