Department of Education

Jessica Chan

Research Officer

The massive impacts teachers have on students, learning and in a broad sense, the future of our society have driven Jessica to research pedagogy, theories of learning and teacher professional development.

Her research interests and foci can be described as:

  • Vygotskian and post-Vygotskian concepts in human development
  • Pedagogy; educational assessment
  • Teacher education and professional development
  • Methodological issues in Cultural-historical theory
  • Learning in groups; classroom interaction
  • Conditions of effective teaching
  • Slightly crossing the boundary, Jessica is also keen on bringing the fruits of educational research to medicine, especially in medical education and inter-professional work in health services.


  • Book chapters

    • Edwards, A, Chan, J, Tan, D (2019) “Motive orientation and the exercise of agency: Responding to recurrent demands in practices”, In: A Edwards, M Fleer, L Bøttcher (eds.) Cultural-historical approaches to studying learning and development. Singapore: Springer.

  • Conference papers

    • Tolo, A, Chan, J, Hopfenbeck, T (2018) A systematic review of teachers' implementation of technology-enhanced formative assessment: Insights and implications. (American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, New York)

    • CHAN, J (2016) The impacts of teachers’ professional identity on purposes and organization of group work. (American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC)

    • CHAN, J (2016) Discussing motives in actions: The potential of stimulated-recall interviews in facilitating CHAT research. (American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC)

  • Journal articles

    • Lenkeit, J, Chan, J, Hopfenbeck, TN, Baird, J-A (2015) “A review of the representation of PIRLS related research in scientific journals”, EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH REVIEW. 16 102-115.

    • Lee, TM, Cheung, CC, Chan, JK, Chan, CC (2000) “Trail making across languages.”, Journal of clinical and experimental neuropsychology. 22(6) 772-778.

    • ERDURAN, S, GUILFOYLE, L, PARK, W, CHAN, W-S, FANCOURT, N “Argumentation and Interdisciplinarity: Reflections from the Oxford Argumentation in Religion and Science Project”, Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Education Research.

  • Reports

    • McGrane, J, Chan, J, Boggs, J, Hopfenbeck, T (2017) The assessment and moderation of writing with primary-aged students in contexts where English is the primary language of instruction: A systematic review.. Oxford University Press.

    • Masterman, L, Chan, J (2015) Openness in Teaching and Learning: An Exploration of Principles and Practices at the University of Oxford. Oxford:

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