Department of Education

Kari Sahan

DPhil Student and Tutor (MSc TELUS/ALLT)

College Affiliation: New College

Kari Coffman Sahan is a DPhil student in the Department of Education at the University of Oxford. She is also a tutor on MSc TELUS/ALLT course.

She completed her undergraduate studies at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., where her undergraduate thesis focused on the relationship between culture and politics in the early Republican period in Turkey. After graduation, she was awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) grant from 2012-2014 in Turkey, where she worked as an English instructor at the university level and conducted research projects related to language acquisition, cultural adaptation, and the professional needs of English instructors. While completing her Master’s degree at Bilkent University in Ankara, she worked as an ETA Program Advisor for the Turkish Fulbright Commission from 2014-2016. Her work with the ETA Program combined her passions for intercultural understanding and educational development.

Her current research explores the relationship between language education policy and practices in higher education, looking specifically at the relationship between English medium instruction (EMI) policy in Turkey and the variation with which it is implemented at the institutional and classroom level. Her research explores the relationship between the local language and English in EMI settings by examining themes such as classroom interaction, codeswitching, and the use of L1.


Exploring the language policies and classroom practices of English medium instruction in Turkish higher education

  • Subjects Taught

    MSc in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching


  • Conference papers

    • Al-Shabibi, I, Chen, L, Sommerhoff, D, Cheung, A, Edwards, T, Froehlig, C, Hindle, EL, Jannah, M, Higgins, S, Liu, X, Moffat, K, Mulvey, N, Muniandy, K, Shao, X, Witayarat, N, Zhang, J (2017) “Doing Education Differently: Proceedings of the 2017 STORIES Conference”, Doing Education Differently: Proceedings of the 2017 STORIES ConferenceKC Sahan, M Melsen, A Tawell, K Newell, K Wortmann, N Mukhi (eds.) . (Oxford University, Department of Education) Oxford University, Department of Education: Oxford: STORIES Conference. 1-126.

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