Department of Education

Manal Bougazzoul

Doctoral Student

College Affiliation: Brasenose College

Manal is a recipient of the Clarendon Scholarship. Her research is funded by a joint award between the Clarendon Fund and Brasenose College

Her research focuses on the links between social and digital exclusion as they pertain to the learning of young people. Manal was awarded a distinction for her  MSc. in Education (Learning and New Technologies) at the University of Oxford (2017) and is currently building on that work for her doctoral thesis under the supervision of Dr Rebecca Eynon and Dr Niall Winters. Manal holds an Honours BA in Global Affairs (Middle East & North Africa Studies) from George Mason University (2011) and has five years of full-time experience in Corporate Social Responsibility working in the U.S. and the MENA region.

Research interests:

  • Digital Sociology
  • Critical Approaches in Educational Research
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