Quantitative Methods (QM)

The University of Oxford Department of Education is one of the two strongest UK centres for quantitative analysis of educational data (RAE 2008).

Two of the externally funded Research Centres in the Department (OUCEA and SKOPE), as well as five of the research groups, primarily employ quantitative methods, offering fertile ground for the continuing development of the Department’s profile in this broad area of methodology.

The large body of researchers actively using and applying quantitative methods are members of research groups which reflect their varying areas of substantive research interest.  QM Research at the Department of Education highlights examples of some of the quantitatively focussed educational research recently undertaken at the Department.

The Quantitative Methods (QM) Hub is not a research group, it is a cross-cutting grouping intended to bring together colleagues with an interest/experience in using QM or in developing such expertise.  The QM hub intends to:

  1. Co-ordinate the provision of high quality Department staff in their use and application of QM in their own research;
  2. Advise colleagues on, and where appropriate support, large grant bids by the Department;
  3. Liaise with other departments within the Social Sciences Division and with the Doctoral Training in the Social Sciences (DTCSS) Methods Hub.

The QM Hub is convened by Professor Steve Strand. Please get in touch if you want to be part of the QM Hub.

Professor Steve Strand
Professor of Education and co-ordinator of the Department of Education QM Hub