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Examination reform: The impact of linear and modular examinations at GCSE

This project includes a broad research programme on the structural reforms of GCSE that will document their impacts so that policy makers can better understand the likely effects of future reform agendas in this area. It will investigate the effects of linear and modular examinations on students’ outcomes, the standard-setting process, economic implications and the effects upon teachers and learners.

This is a collaborative project between Ofqual and the department’s Centre for Educational Centre (OUCEA), monitoring the impact of the new GCSE English Literature, English Language and mathematics examinations in 2017. The research programme will be completed in 2018 and includes three strands:

  • Contextualisation of qualification structure policy
  • Quantitative research on outcomes
  • Qualitative Research on Teachers Views on School Practice

External project members include: Dr Michelle Meadows (Ofqual) – Principal Investigator; Dr Caroline Morin (Ofqual); Rachel Taylor (Ofqual); Professor Gordon Stobart (UCL, Institute of Education); Dr Tina Isaacs (UCL, Institute of Education)

Former Department of Education members include: Dr Daniel Caro; Carol Brown

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