Oxford 1+1

Our MSc courses are part of the new Oxford 1+1 programme. This enables exceptional and motivated students to combine a Masters in Education with an Oxford MBA.

The aim is to help you develop professional expertise in a specialist field of education and the entrepeneurial skills of an Oxford MBA. There is growing evidence that employers seek this combination of depth and breadth. The 1+1 programme offers access to an unrivalled set of intellectual resources and career networking opportunities that Oxford offers, and opens up a diversity of global career opportunities in a range of Education sectors.

Successful candidates for the Oxford 1+1 Programme will need to meet the admissions requirements for both courses and be admitted separately to both.  Further information on the Programme is available here.

Eligible programmes are the following:

MSc in Education (Child Development and Education)
MSc in Education (Comparative and International Education)
MSc in Education (Higher Education)

Applicants should explain in their personal statement why they are interested in the Oxford 1+1 Programme.

Please notify Said Business School and justina.kurkova@education.ox.ac.uk if you are submitting an application for the Oxford 1+1 programme.

Page last modified: August 21, 2017